Play Some Happy Mondays, Guv

PRETTY sure several people (including myself) thought that it would not take as long as the 13th day of May before the bid to write a blog post every day for a month skewed slightly off course.

Had thought it would be lack of time, shortage of ideas or getting totally fed up with it all that would lead to a bit of a shortcut or just giving up.

Not that this is giving up – you wouldn’t be seeing these words if that was the case – just a change of plan for today, a bit of a different take. And nowhere near as many words.

Time constraints are part of the reason, but it is mainly down to the main event of the day – the funeral of inimitable former colleague and good friend Steve Tucker.

After hearing some wonderful tales in a suitably unique send-off (some of which no doubt needed a bit of censoring before retelling) and a few that were hinted at or shared among us, my head is just not in a place to piece together coherent words on the normal topics for this blog.

And that is without his 12-year-old daughter addressing a crowded room which seemed to coincide with a lot of people having something in their eye.

Remember the night she was born, the new father dragging two of us out to wet the baby’s head until far too late on a school night – being the only one left of those three is a sobering thought.

This one’s for you Tucks…


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