Are We Nearly There Yet?

Day 30 in the blog post a day in May challenge and something of an unplanned first

IT has taken 30 days but for the first time, sat down to tap away at the laptop without any idea of where today’s post is actually going to take us.

A few have ended up bearing little relation to the plan having sort of wandered off and never came back to the intended route, while several only had a rough outline sketched out before gathering their own momentum and taking shape as they emerged.

Which is sort of the plan for this, if anything fancies popping up…

Nope, got nothing.

It is something of a cliche for column writers to resort to the writer’s block, can’t think of anything to write option as a way of filling space – subbed enough of them over the years to spot exactly what they were doing.

Either it is true and they were just saving themselves the trouble of finding something to write about or they know exactly where they were going and were throwing in the fake humility, ‘hey, look what I’ve come up with’ revelation to round things off.

Always tried to avoid it but this is something of the first option, with a touch of the second while hoping the revelation will appear from somewhere. If it does, there’ll be no fake humility – will let you know all about it.

This monthly plan has been pretty well worked out, mainly steering away from the schedule when something better popped up, had not done the necessary preparation (well, listening to music) or had just run out of time or motivation to do the intended subject justice.

Had the first 20 days pencilled in before the off and when things did change, it was a simple case of shifting them around, stretching those 20 days out towards the full month.

There’s a couple of travel and overlanding pieces which have been hanging around, moved about, never got written – bizarre places to sleep and the things that become second nature on the road – and did not get fitted back in the schedule.

We will see them again one day. Maybe. Together with the very long list of possible travel articles which has been sitting on my laptop for ages, from which a lot of this month’s pieces have been culled.

Biggest problem with a lot of that list was working out what the original idea behind it was when it first went on the list.

Eventually, we got down to just three days left and two of them were inked in from a while back on the only day they could be done – yesterday’s live blog on the A-Z iPad on the only night with enough time to do it and tomorrow’s closing piece, which clearly could not be written any other time.

Which just left the space in between.

Still working on that one.


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