THERE’S a clue about what this page is for in the website name – Travel Marmot was originally set up to write about travel. And occasionally marmots.

Hidden among the posts on the website are a trip (most of the way) around the world and 10 months on the sandy, dusty, occasionally very muddy, roads (if you could call them that) of Africa, plus assorted forays into 40 US States – and counting.

But somehow never got round to the original idea of writing advice and tales from my travels.

Don’t expect Trip Advisor style reviews or expert opinion on where to eat, where to stay and how much to pay, there’s enough of that all over the web.

There will be advice on places and situations I feel qualified to talk about – check out the Overlanding section on another page – but you won’t find in-depth tales of climbing Kilimanjaro, swimming through piranha-infested waters or traversing the Atlas Mountains by hamster.

No, this is intended to be the type of stuff people might want to know but never get told without anyone worrying about a book deal at the end of the adventure (although, if there’s one going…).

Some of these were written for a travel company website. Or it might just be stories and articles that don’t fit anywhere else.

Hopefully some of it is useful, entertaining or makes you think about that next trip – be it a week away from work or a lengthy overlanding career break.

Goodbye Yellow Truck Road A eulogy for an overland travel company which, thankfully, is revived to reopen the road to fresh horizons


Pictures On My Wall The non-expert advice to managing your photographs on the road
Borders and Visas Dealing with the inevitable barriers to travelling


Guidelines for Travel Writers Your trip, your rules… but here’s some to start with


The To-Do List Striking the balance between what you want and what you need
The Mosquito Manifesto My personal battle with little buzzy things


There Are No Stupid Questions… Oh Wait Stupid travel questions and reviews (not including the person who thought a Trans Africa trip was heading through Papua New Guinea)
The Genuine Article Traveller v tourist – the pointless argument. Do it your way
The Lure of the Golden Arches Falling for a taste of the familiar
Wow Moment Savouring the special, personal highlight
What’s Your Favourite…? Answering the first question you get asked
There’s A Hole In My Bucket List Why the world’s longest list has never been written


Boston Strong Tribute to a much-loved city
New York for First Timers Personal choice for a maiden visit to the Big Apple
Boston for First Timers Back on familiar ground
USA for First Timers Some, hopefully, useful advice for anyone going west to seeking their travelling fortune


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