Trans Africa A-Z – Part 2

SPENT the last couple of days a bit preoccupied with getting up close to lions and elephants, so still working on getting up to date with the blog.

Next post will be with you soon, but until then, here is the second part of the Trans-Africa A-Z.

Ale Time – And what you are given when we finally confess to changing your watch for the last few months

Ale Time – The fluctuating time zone in which only Ale operates, courtesy of her misfiring watch that mysteriously keeps changing time. Well, if she will leave it lying around where someone can pick it up…

Aggressively Affectionate – The best description of Helena after a few too many drinks (actually not that many) . See Captain.

Bus Wankers – Anyone we encounter on a shorter overland trip.

Captain – Captain Morgan Spiced rum. Mixed with coke, the short of choice for the discerning overlander  Even out of tin mugs.

Christmas – Happening somewhere in the world.

Cleavage – Rare English word Ale did not understand. We did try to look at her face when explaining the real meaning.

Havaianas – Footwear of choice for the discerning flip-flop wearer. And cheetahs.

Havaianus – Footwear of choice for the flip-flop wearer on a budget.

Kinda – Kris and Linda. Expert trackers of coffee shops and bakeries.

Mop – Vital piece of truck equipment last seen flying off the truck and bouncing down a Namibian highway. Took us too long to realise it was our mop – the one which played a key role in one of the trip’s most romantic evenings – and not one of the local, wild ones to raise the alarm.

Moxy – Martin and Roxy. A touching tale of a boy and a girl from the opposite sides of the world. And the guy in the upstairs bunk.

Oh no… – Oft-heard in a Scottish accent when the events of the previous evening are explained.

Pescetarian – Religious order very popular in Africa, judging by the number of churches we pass.*

Phantom Fork – Found at the bottom of one of the washing up bowls which everyone denies leaving in there. Often not discovered until throwing the water away and it lands on the ground, meaning it needs washing again in the water you have just thrown away.

Presbyterian – Vegetarian who does eat fish.*

Really? Wow – Jiro’s standard response to anything which catches him by surprise. There is no standard response to anything Jiro does that catches you by surprise.

Sea Level – Or where Presbyterians celebrate Christmas

Rewash – Standard cry when somebody drops something on the ground when flapping, ensuring they cannot get away with quickly picking it up and carrying on regardless.

Sea Level – Height of the ocean. Fairly easy to ascertain when sat a few metres above the crashing waves. Or so you’d think.

This Is Avocado – Reworking of This Is Africa which has taken over from the original. Stems from several people mishearing Linda say “This is Africa, though”.

Tint – What New Zealanders sleep in.

Trans Avocado  New name for this trip (see This Is Avocado).

* Possibly not right. Except in New Zealand.


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