This World Rocks

SIX months out from heading out on a trip aroundĀ Africa and there is a difficult balance to maintain between trying not to get too excited too early and wanting to find out more about what lies ahead.

You don’t want to get too obsessed or it can become like having 179 Christmas Eves (or so the countdown on my phone tells me) and you don’t want to bore people by going on about it. Well, not too much.

ButĀ people do ask, there are passengers on the current trip writing blogs and there’s a lot to be learned from reading a variety of different outlooks on the same trip.

For the best view of the trip and to answer a lot of questions about the trip, the places and even the trucks, check out this video from the people behind the This World Rocks website.

An American couple enjoying life on the road, they completed the 56-day Nairobi to Cape Town trip with Oasis, which we will do in reverse to kick off the second half of the journey, and highlights some of the amazing things which lie in wait.

Even manage to deal with African Coldplay…


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