The newest addition to the Travel Marmot and very much a work in progress, this collection of articles looks to answer any questions about overlanding.

Goodbye Yellow Truck Road A eulogy for an overland travel company which, thankfully, is revived to reopen the road to fresh horizons

What is Overlanding? Starting with the obvious question.
A Day In The Life On A Big Yellow Truck How to pass a day of travelling (and sleeping) in the middle of nowhere.
The Overlanding Cookbook The delights – and otherwise – of cooking at bush camps.
Into the Wild Camping Life under canvas with no other facilities
Overlanding: Frequently Asked Questions The most common reactions to explaining these trips
Overlanding: The Things They Don’t Tell You Valuable lessons learned on the road

Having completed more than a year of my life on contrasting overlanding trips and spent another year working for a small, specialist firm, have learned some valuable lessons on what lies ahead, how best to prepare and – believe me – how not to do it.

Over the coming months (or when time and inspiration allows), we’ll look at what overlanding is, how to pick your perfect trip, who your travelling colleagues might be (and how to live with them for several months) and try to answer any questions.

Until then, check out this video from the Oasis Trans Africa adventure of 2014-15, told from the view of probably the most important part of the whole trip – the truck.

Get in touch at travelmarmot@gmail.com if there’s anything you’d like to ask.


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