It’s About Time

Day 28 of the blog post a day in May and a bit of a shortcut – complete with odd turn at the end

TIME has always been the biggest opponent of this ridiculous to spend a chunk of each day for a month writing a blog post.

And today it has seriously bitten hard. Something just had to give, hence why this a relatively short entry.

Tuesdays are always our longest working day of the week – there is only so many news pages we can do earlier than that and only so much we can leave for Wednesdays if we are going to hit deadline without having to rush things too much.

That all adds up to a pretty long slog and a late finish on a Tuesday.

Throw in a bank holiday (after a week off) and things go haywire.

There is generally the advantage of loads of pictures from events over the long weekend – we had a three-day Tall Ships Festival, woolsack racing (standard running, just uphill while carrying a heavy sack) and that epitome of English derring-do and eccentricity, cheese rolling.

Pretty easy to fill a fair few pages of picture coverage.

It’s just filling the words round them that get a bit sketchy, helped by constant requests to provide copy before the bank holiday being largely ignored.

Mainly by people who express total surprise that we work on bank holidays. It’s as if we haven’t had any in the last couple of month.

So excuse me if time and inclination to tap away at a full, more considered blog post has evaporated through a long day sat at my desk. Shame, it was going to be a good one. Trust me on that.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow – except it sort of isn’t. Time to try something a little bit different.

It is back to music tomorrow, a return to the A-Z journey through my iPod.

And, for one night only, it’s live.

Not sure exactly how – or if – it is going to work, but from 7.30pm tomorrow (May 29), will be blogging about the tracks which pop up on my iPod while listening to them.

Will make the post live just before starting and keep updating for as long as seems necessary or bearable.

If you feel the need to watch as it happens, you may well need to keep refreshing your page for the updates to work and please feel free to add any comments, questions, random thoughts through the link below.

Have not looked too closely at what is to come, bar it being the start of the I section, so not sure if there is much to write about there. Chances are, will veer off on some random tangents.

Hopefully see you then.


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