THANKS for stumbling across the Travel Marmot.

Root around a little deeper and, hopefully, you’ll find something to catch your interest on travel, music or whatever tangent either of those subjects has taken me down.

It is the home for a series of blogs on a nine-month overland adventure around Africa and the places which lie ahead

Also tucked away here are tales from the open road, a few pieces of advice and information picked up along the way and the last few years working in overland travel, plus some of  the best pieces from travel blogs and sites.

And there’s also a guided tour to a personal, potentially endless journey of a different kind – from A-Z (and beyond) of an ever-growing iPod collection.

If you like what you see, join in, get in touch and share your thoughts, advice and experiences from epic journeys.

There’s a new dawn and a fresh adventure over that horizon… explore, enjoy and join in.


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