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Trans south america

Riots, tear gas, political turmoil and a global pandemic cutting things short – and it was great. The tale of an almost complete circuit around a continent as it happened.

A-Z iPod Challenge

The lengthy journey through the depths of my iPod, via the odd detour sparked by the music soundtracking my life.

Trans Africa

Forty weeks on the road through 29 countries on the back of a big yellow truck. Bush camping, gorillas, minor surgery, flip-flop eating cheetahs and much, much more told through contemporary blog posts.


The newest page on the website – behind the scenes advice and tales from more than a year spent on the road overlanding.
Page under construction


Tales from the open road, advice and information picked up along the way – the stuff the guide books and brochures don’t tell you.

London to New York

The story of how you travel between two great cities without flying, crossing the US by Tortoise, wasting the same day twice and other adventures.


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