A-Z iPod Challenge

MOST of this website is devoted to travelling, but all good journeys have the odd detour.

This bit is all about a journey of a different kind – and that’s using the word properly, reclaiming it from all those reality TV wannabes who mistake wanting to be famous as a good reason for it to happen, rather than doing something to make it happen, other than sobbing, wailing, singing  (and occasionally all three) into a camera.

This journey has a start point and an end point, but takes any number of detours and U-turns, with the distance from A to B constantly growing.

It’s not travel, but it does cover one of my other great passions and one that goes hand-in-hand with travelling and sparks plenty of great memories – music.

Say it quickly and the A-Z Challenge sounds simple enough. Listen to the contents of my  iPod in alphabetical order.

When the idea was first mooted just under a year ago, that meant around 9,000 tracks. At the time of starting, it has just topped 11,000 which, if listened to non-stop, 24 hours a day, would take 30 days.

At a more realistic average of an hour a day, that’s a shade over two years from start to finish and the chances are it will be a lot more.

The musical adventure runs from A Day In The Life (twice) to two songs simply called ‘-‘ via… well, we’ll discover that along the way as the journey takes us off down any number of tangents, musical memories and discoveries with the odd rant thrown in along the way.

Now comes with added playlist at the foot of each entry.

Depression Era to Dig A Fire

Dear Avery to Depressed Beyond Tablets

Date With The Night to Deado

(A) Touch Sensitive to Cry Me A River Williamsburg Sleeve Tattoo Blues

The Crapsons to Cygnus Vismund Cygnus

Contact On The World Love Jam to The Crane Wife 3

Come To Dust to Contort Yourself

Clones to Come To

A Charm, A Blade to Clint Eastwood

Cassandra Geminni: A Tarantism to Charlton Heston

C’mon Kids to Cass and Henry

Burgundy to Byrd Joel

Broken Imaginary Time to Burger Queen

The Boy Done Wrong Again to Broken Household Appliance National Forest

Bonus Beats to The Boy Done Good

Blue Eyes to Bonny

Blackhole to Blue-Eyed Pop

The Birds Were Singing Of You to Black-Eyed Susie

The Bell to Birds Flew Backwards

Bastard Son of Dean Friedman to The Bell

Ballad of Helenkeller and Rip Van Winkle to Basic Space

B+A to Ballad Of Climie Fisher

Ask to Ayla

Antistar to Ashes of American Flags

The Angel and the Fool to Anti-Pioneer

America to Angel

All Together Now to Amen

All My Colours to All Time

Al Sharp to All Mixed Up

Add It Up to Airportman

A Day In The Life to Adagio For Strings – The First 50

A to Z – How To Get There – The rules behind the challenge


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